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About Tatyana:

-my name: tatyana
-my birthday: sept. 3
-my bass: a cheap Rogue, it's a Fender Jazz 
Precision replica, i call her Jewels, but i'm saving
up for a real Fender!
-my influences: kim gordon, kim deal, maureen herman,
 kristen pfaff, and elizabeth davis.
-my web site:'s nowehere near finished, 
-my email:
-my fav. bands: nirvana, blind melon, the specials,
 sonic youth, L7, babes in toyland, 7 year bitch, 
bikini kill, sleater-kinney, everclear, harvey danger,
 sex pistols, big bad voodoo daddy....
-my hobbies: my bass, my band, my 2 zines *so much 4 
the sock puppet* and *vertigo*, friends, concerts, 
reading, writing, tea parties, etc...
-my fav. people: (besides the ones listed) kurt cobain,
 shannon hoon, nancy spungeon, sid vicious, christina ricci, 
sailor moon, william s. burroghs, andy warhol, ewan mcgregor, 
and hello kitty.

*   Tatyana   *