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All about Tamara:

-Name Tamara
 -DOB  02/09/71
 -where you're from Illinois
 -influences Rush,Primus,Metallica,L7,Violent Femmes,
Any band with a strong bass sound!
 -any band you're in   N/A
 -what kind of bass you have   Teal green Samick
(hey I know its not a big name)but it's my first bass.
I have a Fender Bass man 50 amp.IT'S LOUD!!!!
 -a picture of you  not currently available
 -website(s) and e-mail    no web page yet.
 -anything else you can think of! I love all
 bass driven music.I also love many different 
styles of bass playing and many different styles
 of music.

* Tamara *