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All about Sheela

b-day:  January 26, 1972
name:  Sheela Reddy
 -how long I've played: played upright bass since 
1984, played electric since 1989
 -where I'm from from: Kansas City but going 
to school in Wichita
-what kind of bass I have: Arbor (generic)
 bass (bought it from a janitor at school)
 -hobbies/interests:  Bassist in an all female
 rock band, "1/2 Mad Poet" with a CD coming out
 in March.  Bassist for Wichita State's "La Banda
 Hispanica".......I am a senior persuing a Bachelor 
of Arts Degree at WSU,  I love to play classical 
music, as well as rock and compose music too. 
 I also like soccer, tennis..just being outdoors
 (when the weather is nice).  
I'm honored that you asked me to be on this page. 
 I just want every female who wants to play music
 to go out there and go for it.  Pursue your dreams,
 don't just sit back and watch others do it.   

Hope that helps!  Keep me posted ok?  :-)


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