*~Robin Moulder~*
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*About Jack Off Jill*

Since their formation in late 1992, Jack Off Jill has been escalating the world's demise in a flurry of serrated power chords, convoluted bass lines, torturous beats, and throat-ripping shrieks. Hailing from South Florida, this band comes out like a children's puppet show with Exorcist overtones. An experiment in Jack verses Jill, right versus wrong, melody versus mayhem, assaulting audience sensibilities.

Without the benefit of professional management or label support, Jack Off Jill had turned themselves into one of the most exciting and controversial bands in the country. The success of their independent releases (produced by Mr. Manson of Marilyn Manson) led them to join up with Risk Records for their first national 7" release Girl Scout b/w American Made (Produced by Mike Strick and Jack Off Jill), along with their full length Sexless Demons and Scars (produced by Don Fleming) set to be released in early October.

The Jills are no strangers to the stage, either. While opening for Marilyn Manson on a tour of Florida, both bands ran afoul of undercover cops in Jacksonville, who had been warned prior to the show about their onstage antics. Neither lead singer Jessicka nor Mr. Manson have conformed a bit since their night together in Dade County Corrections Center.

Watching Jessicka's barely controlled tantrums, along with the confident stage presences of bassist Robin Moulder, guitarist Ho-Ho Spade, and drummer Laura Simpson make every Jack Off Jill show a memorable experience. Longtime fans have noticed a growing musical authority as well a strong lyrical conviction in the band's songs within the past year or so. And now the full anger, insanity, and energy of the band's live performances cumulates on Sexless Demons and Scars.

But they're still Jack Off Jill, after all. So if you have a chance to go see them, take it. And if you want to stand up front, don't wear your best clothes...