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All About Mag:

> -Name: Mag Sabo
> -DOB: 7-29-79
> -where you're from: Trenton, New Jersey
> -influences: Kim Gordon, Mike Watt, 
Matt Freeman, Radiohead, Weezer, Jane's
 Addiction, Ben Folds Five, Portishead,
 My Bloody Valentine, Atari Teenage Riot, 
The Pixies, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc.
> -any band you're in: Fluid - Fun garage
 stuff and Tokyo Eye - Experimental noise
> -what kind of bass you have - '94 Fender 
J-bass, mexican made, run through a standard 
Crate BX-10
I can be reached at or

My pic should be up in a day or two if it's
not there already.


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Mag Sabo