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my name... ~*floowy*~ (it's really christina, but i like floowy better)

my b-day... ~* february 8, 1984*~

my bass... ~* a left handed fender jazz bass... its name is "basey"*~

my hobbies... ~*aside from playing bass, playing my flute, my guitar, and my 
cello, reading, telling fortunes with cards, working on my websites, and 
practicing with my band*~

my influences... ~*d'arcy is who got me playing bass in the first place, but 
it was my dad who helped me out (he plays left handed bass too). the bands i 
listen to and learn are *the smashing pumpkins*, *red hot chili peppers*, 
*weezer*, *incubus*, *stone temple pilots*, *sneaker pimps*, and *the black 

last words... ~*it's so great to see so many other girl bass players... bass 
is such a masculine instrument, and to see a girl play one is sooo neat! i'm 
so proud of us! keep on rockin' ladies!!!*~


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