*~Elizabeth Davis~*
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*~Elizabeth Davis~*

*About Clone*

Clone first began as the bastard project of
Xtra Schneider, (then known as Chicklet Chloride)
while she participated in a project called Meth
25, in Philadelphia, she had realized that an
identical, yet different alter ego, or 'clone',
of Meth 25 existed, and that it warranted her
attention. She alerted the drummer, Mick Snake
(then known as Dogbone), that they must co-conspire
to destroy Meth 25 as they knew it, and to travel
across the country to start Clone afresh in more
fertile territory. Mick agreed and they spent a
year preparing for and making the trip.

Once settled in the Bay Area, Xtra and Mick began
searching for Count Vlad the Angry Russian, a
rumoured perhaps mythological guitar player said
to have existed in San Francisco somewhere.
As they had hoped and prayed, the Angry Russian
surfaced in November of 1996, and the trio
embarked upon their slow journey into the dark
and surreal 'whirled' of Clone. They encountered
Android the Mechanical Boy, another displaced
Philadelphia native, who was seeking the electronic
answers to his existential and artistic questions.
Told that he could find the answers within a
special synthesizer that Clone possessed,
Android the Mechanical Boy joined the project.

One year later, almost to the day, they received
a mysterious phone call from a person some knew
as "Elizabeth Davis," (the bass player for the
project 7 Year Bitch). The mysterious caller
claimed that unbeknownst to many 7 Year Bitch
followers, there existed an alter ego, "or
'clone' if you will", of "Elizabeth Davis"
known as Liz E. Beta. Miss Beta then proposed
that she reemerge as a similar monster (bass player)
through an equally heavy yet even darker and
much stranger filter of... perhaps surrealism...
perhaps Clone.

Although Android the Mechanical Boy was finding
electronic answers, and establishing an important
pattern for Clone, he finally concluded that he
must separate himself from all Clone members in
order to experience the true essence of the
truths he discovered in Clone. Devastated from
the loss of Android, Clone swore by hell fire
that the electronic answers must be pursued by
someone who could remain loyal and attached to
Clone whilst searching for the false reality.

Then one night, as they drank in a dark bar,
Clone met a woman who claimed that she had
recently been forced to go underground because
she was being sought after by a very formidable
authority (not the government) to pay
retribution for seeking electronic answers
and a false reality. Clone proceeded to invite
her to do experiments in their factory
regarding these matters. The woman reluctantly
agreed. Refusing to give her true name, she
requested to be known only as Kell Fiyah, and
not to ever be asked for any other information
about herself. Only under these conditions
could she continue to 'know' Clone and work
in their factory.

Xtra, Mick, Count Vlad, Liz E, and Kell Fiyah
are now gradually exposing the fruits of the
Clone Factory throughout the underground.

*About 7 Year Bitch*

Outspoken and way out loud, 7 Year Bitch testifies in defiant fashion with anger, amps, and attitude. But take it from the critics who have cheered the quartet from their independent beginnings: "...Mean, riff-and-bass-driven punk rock with furious vocals (that) never wear thin because Selene Vigil always has something to say, 7 Year Bitch epitomize their genre and make a noise like no one else" (Rolling Stone); "The band powers... terrorist lyrics over its own blend of fat, confident power chords. Singer Vigil expels lyrics in ornery packs, occasionally letting loose roars that would send Pantera running for cover" (Los Angeles Times); "If 7 Year Bitch have an agenda that extends beyond their desire to rock, it's about subjecting the expression 'women in rock' to the same kind of subversion that they've visited on the word 'bitch'" (Boston Phoenix).

From unassuming beginnings in Seattle in 1990 and a self-released single, to now with "GATO NEGRO" their Atlantic debut the band has survived the death of original guitarist Stefanie Sargent, toured the US and Europe extensively, appeared in three films, outlived pigeon-holing trends, grown as musicians and songwriters, and still maintained the cornerstone of their musical style: a refreshingly raw, full-throttle rock n' roll.