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Info on D'Arcy Naylor

hey ok well heres the info on me:

my name is --d'arcy naylor
my b-day is - feb.14 '83 that means im almost
my bass is -- a black fender p (american) 
with black pick guard
my hobbies are: playing my bass, music, 
star gazing, the ocean, swimming, hiking,
camping,anything outdoors,playing war (boys vs. girls, 
and my team always wins, sorry i just find that 
kinda funny cause all my guy friends always bragg
 about winning)um hanging with my friends,being 
with my family,and traveling.
im going to send you my pic soon so just hang
tight and it'll get to you soon.
*D'Arcy of the Smashing Pumpkins*

D'Arcy Naylor

For all of you wondering,
 her real name is D'Arcy!