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About Danielle:

Hey, Sheela told me about your site and I
 love it!  :)  I'm a chick and
I'm a bass player!  :)

Although D'Arcy of the S.P. is cool, 
I don't really think she's a very
good player.  But, maybe that's only 
because of the style that I play. 
I'm a funk player....Bootsy, A.W.B., 
Chili Peppers, George Clinton,
etc... oh, and especially Sly Stone. 

Anyway, I'm attaching a picture of me and 
if you would like to add me,
please let me know!  I'll add a short bio,

Full Name:  Danielle Marae Nelsen
Place:  Kansas City, MO
Birthday:  August 29
Bass:  Fender P-bass, all white and a Fender Jazz
 bass, black and white
Dream Bass:  Definitely an Ernie Ball 
Influences:  Flea (the Chili Peppers), 
Bootsy Collins, Sly Stone, and
George Clinton
Style:  FUNK!
Occupation:  Graphics designer/Artist
Webpage:  The Zone (
 and my personal page
Hobbies:  Seeing local shows, dancing,
and art

Thank you!
Danielle Nelsen
creator and editor of "the zone"
kansas city's source for local music

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Danielle   Nelsen