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*About This Website*

I know many people have e-mailed Bass Player
magazine, including me, and have gotten "rude"
onses. Well here is one:

We have put some WOMEN bass players in the magazine. 
A partial list would
include: Carol Kaye, Me'Shell N'Degeocello, Rhonda S.
 (from The Artist's Band),
Debby Hastings (of Bo Diddley), Mona (of Sammy Hagar's
 Band), and Alice Genese
(of Sexpod). And that's just since April.

Truth is that we've featured many women, but we are
 not going to feature
somebody just on the basis of their gender. If they 
have something to offer in
terms of insight, skill, or technique, then we welcome 
all comers.

Unfortunately, there are far more men playing bass then women,
 and it's a
problem that goes much deeper into social issues then 
this magazine is prepared
to go. And if this isn't a good enough answer to your 
queries, then I suggest
that you take a look at the "Direct Out" editor column 
from July 1997. In there,
then editor Karl Coryat discussed this very topic 
(which has come up

As for D'Arcy, she has refused repeated requests
 for interviews.

Greg Olwell
Administrative Assistant

Ok, so you're probably wondering--when will this site be 
finished? How do I join? What's it all about?
You're answers, and other info can be found at this site.

Q. When will this site be finished?
A. This site will nver be finished,
I will just keep updating it.

Q. How come their are more female bassists
that aren't on this site?
A. Either I don't have the time to make them 
all a site or I can't find enough info to put them
on, sorry.

Q. How can I join or help out?
A. Just drop me an e-mail at:

That's it! If you have more, please e-mail me.

 MISC. Stuff: 

I need your help! I need a girl bassist
animated GIF for the top of my page. Can
you help? Send me you animated GIF's. and 
I'll select one to be at the top of my page.
Also, any other artwork or anything would
be glady accepted.
Thank you for your help :)