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*   Abby   *

okay here's all the stuff (this is exciting!)

Name: Abby
DOB:  December 5, 1982
where i'm from:  Kansas City, Missouri
influences:  with just bass it'd have to be 
D'arcy (just like everyone 
on the site) general all over music would be 
Courtney Love, Ani 
Janis Joplen, Billy Corgan.
the band i'm in:  we don't have a name yet, but i can
 assure you, we 
kind of bass:  i'm embarrassed aobut this i have a
Hondo Delux serise
830 it looks just like a fender Percision though, 
that's why i got it, it works
fine for me.
picture: sorry,we're too cheap for a scanner.
anything else? hmm, i really like old movies. 
i love the beatles but 
Pumpkins are my favorite.  and i like that riot 
girl stuff.
my e-mail addy:

i guess that's all, if you want to keep in touch,
 i'd love to have a new 
friend. :)